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Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks If you would like a Presentation 2015 on Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks at your local group, send me an email and I or someone else will get back to you. If you have worked with a ARCCNs or a Mesh network and have a presentation you would like to give, please let me know, I have requests for presentations in a wide area!
Montgomery County Auxiliary Communications Service WiFi Emergency Wireless Network by Craig Anderson Mesh Lab - an open working session.
When: 21 Feb from 10a-2p
Where: In the cafeteria at Oakton HS
What: mesh lab - an open working session.

Bring your mesh nodes,
sensors, antennas, power supplies, amps, weatherproof containers,
etc., and whatever you need to run them. No gear but curious? Come out
and see how folks are piecing things together. No presentations are
planned, just ample time for ad-hoc discussion and to try things out.
Why: A lot of us have done experimentation with mesh networking, many
in isolation since LOS is often hard to find between our shacks. This
is meant to be an opportunity to come together in a warm, comfortable
space, set your gear up (or get help doing so), and see how it plays
with other nodes.

Who: this is open to any interested amateur.

Hope you can make it if you're interested.
73, KK4UYT Thor
The most important thing Hams could do rigjht now! Quick Takes
This is a sample of the explosion in MESH and P2P Digital Networks within the Radio Amateur community.
A3BCO, digitally Driven Amateur Radio Mesh development in sonoma county
Modernizing ARES For the Digital Age DIY remote area internet
Complete Overview of MESH for Amateur Radio Building Comms For Battle Mountain
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Long distance back-bone price example. Solar unit with MESH node
Solar Panel
Solar Panel
Radio Closeup
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In preparation for the warmer months and our first tall building installation we are testing a self-contained solar unit.
This unit has one 5GHz 30db dish with a 5GHz RocketM
and a 13db 2.4GHz Omni antenna with RocketM MESH unit.
The installation does not need any power or CAT cable connections, it is totally self-contained.
Tycon Power, Complete Solar Kits
Ubiquiti, AMO-2G13 omni antenna
Interstate, AGM Deep cycle Battery
ROHN, FRM Non-Penetrating Roof Mount
The advantage of doing this in 15 degree whether is it is easy to role the unit on ice
San Jose Emergency Wireless Network-SJEWN (SCEWN) The European HAMNET Central PA IP Network (CPIN) - W3ND Video Phone between Braddock Heights and Damascus. A look at three different CAT cables Mid-Atlantic Radio Amateur IP Network MAIPN Central Michigan Emergency Network, CMEN Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Broadband-Hamnet Expands Episode 176 Memphis HamWAN Broadband-Hamnet Expands 2015 Goals Boy Scouts of America - Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Fauquier Amateur Radio Association KPPA-5GHZDP-120S-WC sector antenna Woodbridge Wireless Presentation Can do this and much more ARRL National Centennial Convention Experiment with a NanoBeam M5-400 for two weeks. Broadband-Hamnet BBHN Elmers needed Thank the many people BBHN Nova Mesh Assembling the Dish, Red Lion to Gambrill Mountain Microwave Bands ARRL Centennial Convention Planning a Communication Node For the contruction interested APRS Golden Packet More news FARC Field Day Tests Amateur Radio Club First Mesh Backbone tests In the News Opportunity is knocking Cambria Radio Club Long Distance 802.11b Links Island Trunk System A Most Generous Offer Active Mesh project pages