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Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks If you would like a Presentations on Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks at your local group, send me an email and I or someone else will get back to you. If you have worked with a ARCCNs or a Mesh network and have a presentation you would like to give, please let me know, I have requests for presentations in a wide area!

Boy Scouts of America - Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)
Fall Camporee - Emergency Preparedness
This year’s Theme is Search and Rescue based on the merit badge. We will be teaching search and rescue techniques, running actual SAR events in the surrounding Seneca Creek State Park, and have displays and presentations by SAR organizations as well as local police and fire departments. Come join us and get Lost in the excitement.
The mast was an excellent support for the 40 and 20 meter dipole and the van supplied power for the equipment. We demonstrated HF, VHF, and video phone over microwave as well as taking pictures of the whole area from the top of the mast.
This was the first Field Day like event using the van. It was also the first time with the HF Rig installed.
We had set two demo stations next to the van with the Video phones and small microwave dishes.
We showed camera, video phones server and other software on the screen. As is often the case the sun made this difficult to see.
This was the first time the van supplied power to another station and power cables running on the ground need to be out of the demo area.
Demonstrating and setting up the equipment were, Mark Poetker K3MMP , David Bern W2LNX , Victor Nardo WB2U , and Keith Elkin KB3TCB

+Link from Ken KE2N to Manassas Water Tower
Link from Ken KE2N to Manassas Water Tower
Ken KE2N setting parameters and
reporting Signal Strength and
configuring the Network, 78 Mbps at -70 to -73 dBm (H+V).
Keith's KB3TCB Van pointing
towards Ken's tower in Haymarket 12.2 miles
Google Earth map, 12.2 miles

+Gambrill Mountain to Red lion, 55 miles
Gambrill Mountain to Red lion, 55 miles
We did a link from Gambrill Mountain to Red lion tooday a distance of 55 miles in the rain. The spectrum was clean and the final equipment for the Gambrill moun tain Node are on order.
We installed and tested the Ubiquity Rocket GPS unit.
We installed and tested the GransdStream UCM6100 Video and VoIP server in the van along with a Webserver and TM1000A GPS Network Time Server (NTS).

+Fauquier Amateur Radio Association
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association Presentation and demonstration using the PTZ camera and the van with the Grandstream Video Phones.
FARA, W4VA in Warrenton VA
The Fauquier Amateur Radio Association (FARA) is an ARRL-affiliated association in the Roanoke Division. The association is located in Warrenton, Virginia, which is the county seat of Fauquier County.
Our focus includes contesting, ARES® activities, community support in emergency situations, education and amateur radio outreach.

+KPPA-5GHZDP-120S-WC sector antenna
John Sichert, KA3LAO , let me try his sector antenna.
It is a 16 dBi Sector Model KPPA-5GHZDP-120S-WC
I don't have the equipment to evaluate the antennas performance, but mechanically is is very nice.
There are several things I like about the antenna, the slotted bracket, the large enclosure, and the easy of opening the enclosure. See the equipment page

+Woodbridge Wireless Presentation
Woodbridge Wireless was founded in October, 1972 as Woodbridge Wireless Society and incorporated in October, 1975. From a modest beginning of about 30 members, WWI has grown to over 200 members. Members’ interests run the gamut of amateur radio endeavors: DX, contests, emergency communications, satellite communications, packet, education, amateur TV, and repeaters to name a few. The club actively participates in local functions by providing communications for various foot races, crew races, and parades. Our biggest club activity is Field Day, sponsored by the ARRL the last full weekend of June. We have scored in the top 10 nationally for the last ten years: 2nd place in 1997, 2000-2002.
Here is a Video Youtube of the Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks presentation.

+Can do this and much more
Your Amateur Radio computer compatible Network can do this and much more!
What is SARnet
A SARnet local UHF repeater in your area is connected to other SARnet sites using a microwave radio network operated by the Florida Department of Transportation. The key to why SARnet works so well is that instead of using the internet, it uses dedicated bandwidth on a private microwave network.
FDOT Wide Area Network
FDOT's Telecommunications Program Management is coordinating the deployment of an ITS wide area network (WAN), interconnecting the regional transportation management centers (RTMCs) across the state. RTMCs in Districts 2 and 5 are already interconnected, while RTMCs in Districts 4 and 6, and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise will be interconnected later this year. This ITS WAN provides an operational network allowing Florida's RTMCs to share traffic information, ITS roadside device control, and video images.

+New Frederick Node
+ARRL National Centennial Convention
+The Pennsylvania node is up, we are half way
+Experiment with a NanoBeam M5-400 for two weeks.
+Broadband-Hamnet BBHN Elmers needed
+Thank the many people
+16.1 miles Haymarket to Reston
+Haymarket to Reston 15 miles
+BBHN Nova Mesh
+DECT, Damascus Fire Department
+Assembling the Dish, Red Lion to Gambrill Mountain
+Microwave Bands
+ARRL Centennial Convention
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+Ken KE3N / W4BRM fantastic Sector Antenna ciovers 1490 sq miles!
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+Central PA IP Network (CPIN)
Central PA IP Network (CPIN)
Cisco Router and POE
Cisco Router
Ubiquity dishes
Ubiquity dishes on tower
Gary Blacksmith
Gary Blacksmith, WA3CPO, One of the most generous and helpful individual you will ever meet.
CPIN Towersl
CPIN Towers
CPIN Network
Ubiquity NanoBeam
Ubiquity Sector Antenna
Ubiquity RD-5G-30
Ubiquity NanoBeam
Ubiquity Sector Antenna
Ubiquity RD-5G-30'

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