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Radio Stations Name Frequency Format listener Rating
AmorFM FM 105.4 Bollywood Hits, POP,Indian 3.5 / 5
Stanvaste Radio FM 107.9 HIP POP, Reggae, Rock 4.0 / 5
Arrow Classic Rock FM 90.7 Classic Rock, Easy listening, Ballad 3.9 / 5
Radio Rijnmond FM 93.4 Culture, Music,News,Sports 4.1 / 5
FunX Rotterdam FM 91.8 HIP POP, RNB, Urban 4.1 / 5
Radio Decibel FM 99.6 Adult Contemporary, pop 4.2 / 5
Sky Radio 101 FM Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Soft 3.7 / 5
Rotterdam FM Kanal 2 FM 107.5 Adult Contemporary 4.2 / 5
Radio Stations Name Owner First Air Date Frequency
NPO Radio 1 NPO 1983 91.8–105.3 MHz
Fresh FM Petroc 2001 87.7 MHz
Ujala Radio Amar Ujala 2002 93.6 MHz
Amsterdam Funk Channel Lesley Jones 2004 102.1 MHz
Caribbean FM Fitzroy Gordon 2002 98.7 MHz
RaZo FM Megalectrics Ltd 2009 99.9 MHz
Radio Stations Name Format Headquarters listener Rating
bingo fm News, Songs Utrecht, Netherlands 4.9 / 5
Fresh FM Dance Music Utrecht, Netherlands 2.5 / 5
Rano Utrecht Radio Oldies, Pop Utrecht, Netherlands 4.0 / 5
Radio M Utrecht Music Utrecht, Netherlands 4.1 / 5
NPOFUNUT Multilingual programming Utrecht, Netherlands 4.5 / 5
Radio Decibel Utrecht News, Music Utrecht, Netherlands 3.9 / 5
RadioSBSFM Multilingual programming Utrecht, Netherlands 4.5 / 5
Radio Stations Name Type Owned by First Air Date
Den Haag FM Dutch Music Omroep West 2008
3FM Top 40/Pop NPO 1967
Classic FM Classical Songs Global 1994
Dance Music Radio Electronic and Dance   1995
Dollard Radio European Music Eric Obenauf 1962
FunX Pop Music Stichting FunX 2002
Hot Jamz Radio Hip-Hop / R&B Sirius Satellite Radio ‎1950
Q-Music Pop music De Persgroep ‎2005
Radio10 Oldies, Adult contemporary music Talpa Radio ‎1996

Radio Amateur

Radio is a technology that is used by radio waves to transfer the information that is in the form of waves, for examples sounds. By modulating the electromagnetic properties in a systematic way the energy of the waves can be transmitted through air, like amplitude, phase, and frequency and pulse widths. When the electrical conductor is striking with the radio waves it will produce an altering current by oscillating the conductors.

The information that is carried by the waves can be transformed into its initial that is the original form; this task is achieved by extracting the waves that carry the information within it. All the radio systems would need a transmitter to change the module and some of its property of the energy that is produced by the transmitter and this can be used to transmit the signals to other transmitters as well as the radio stations that are located to the nearest of the transmitter that is sending the signal.

The signals are sent and received with the help of the antenna attached to it. The usage of the amplitude and the modulation of the angle and the modulation itself of the radio signals. The modulation can be classified into two ways that are frequency modulation and phase modulation.

Basic Functions

The antenna of the radio system acts as a sender and receiver and they are considered one of the important aspects of the radio. Their prominent work is to convert the electric currents into the radio waves, and converting the radio waves into the electric current. The primary purpose of the antenna is to send and receive the signals of the radio, the functions of sending the radio waves are nothing but transmitting the waves to many receivers. The tuned resonance of the circuits that are tuned in the radios is used to allow the frequencies that are selected individually. The antenna will be receiving the electromagnetic waves that are tuned and intercepted by the interceptor and the receiver that is part of the antenna. The receiver of the antenna will be receiving the amount of output send by another antenna and received by the antenna’s receiver. The input is nothing but the data sent by the transmitting antenna that is sound, digital data, navigational positions and the values of the measurements that are taken from the transmitter. The radio frequency of the radio waves will be occupying a range somewhere between 3KHz to 300GHz, even though the commercially used radio waves would be using a very small portion of the shown spectrum.

Signal Transmission

The system of the radio communication would be requiring the receiver and the transmitter with each of the individual component having an antenna attached to the part of the radio device and the appropriate equipment of the terminals such are the microphone attached to the transmitter and the loudspeaker that is attached to the receiver and this is one of the best parts of sending and receiving the signals as they are basic components and the functions of the radio, to break it in the simplest form the primary functions of the voice communication system. They have very robust functionalities in the system and making it one of the most complexes yet a solid platform to communicate with the voice, sound, in general, audio files to other devices as well when compared to the tape recorder and other devices that are having the functionalities that are static but not dynamic. But the radio is fully a dynamic designed and their attributes as well. This makes a huge difference from other static electronic devices. Today the radio has been adopted on a wider platform named the internet, and this is one of the best solutions for the people who listen to the radio a lot.

Internet Radio

Internet radio is also called as web radio, net radio, e-radio, online radio, streaming radio and IP radio, which is a service provider that transmits the digital audio through the internet. The term ‘Broadcasting’ is not often used in the internet radio as it doesn’t transmit the signals through wireless means, rather it is often referred to as webcasting due to the lack of digital video but it only indulges in sending and receiving the audio files through wireless way, with using the air as a medium to send and receive the data, which in contrast to the broadcasting, where it deals with cables and other wires to transmit the data to other receivers. The internet radio can be used as a standalone device that runs the radio with the help of the internet either by the internet as a generic source or by the software application that is installed in a computer system. The internet radio is generally used to communicate the data that are spreading the messages through the form of the audio.

It uses the wireless communication network and connects to the other devices by switching the packet network that is the internet through the sources that are disclosed. The internet radio involves media streaming, presenting the listeners along with the continuous audio stream, which cannot be typically paused or played by the end user, unlike the traditional media that is broadcasted. In this perspective, the internet radio is very distinct from the one that serves the file on demand. Internet radio is very distinct from podcasting that allows the users to download but it allows file streaming. Apart from this, internet radio offers news, sports, different genres of music and also the talk.

About Radio Amateur

Radio Amateur is an internet radio that streams the audio through the internet and helps the people to listen to the music that they would like to listen. Here, at Radio Amateur, we provide radio services to the people by taking the internet as a media. We have more than thousands of stations and this is one of the very few internet radios that has a lot of stations within it.

Despite the huge amount of stations that we incorporate, we always go for the quality of the audio and use audio that is optimized and synchronized for the quality purposes to stream the radio.



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