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Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks If you would like a Presentations on Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks at your local group, send me an email and I or someone else will get back to you. If you have worked with a ARCCNs or a Mesh network and have a presentation you would like to give, please let me know, I have requests for presentations in a wide area!

Braddock Heights gets a second link, Video Phone and servers.
Braddock Heights gets a second link, Video Phone and servers.
The Braddock Heights node now provides a Web server, an Video Phone server and a Web camera. The items are only under test and for example after testing the camera will be mounted outside over looking Frederick.
This small network provides three links, one between Bradock Heights and DECT in Damascus a link between Keith's KB3TCB home and Braddock Heights and a third link to the van.
All three links have been tested using the camera, video Phone and web site. Even a successful mobile test was done while driving the van in Frederick.
Grandstream UCM6100 series IP PBX Appliance
GXV3175 Touchscreen IP Multimedia Phone
GrandStream Video Phone
We will be allowing access to selected parts of this network over the internet in order for you to get the feel of the services and use the network.
Viewing the camera and accessing the web server will be possible as well as viewing selected parts of the Ubiquiti support tools. I would hope that with a compatible phone one could even use the networks video phone server.

Broadband-Hamnet Expands
Broadband-Hamnet Expands to Include Yet Another Ham Band
Broadband-Hamnet is proud to announce a new firmware release, the most recent in a series of advancements that build on the Ubiquiti firmware released for the 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz Ham bands earlier this year. With this BBHN 3.0.0 release, Broadband-Hamnet now includes the Ubiquiti M9-series airMAX devices, giving Hams use of the 900 MHz band for mesh networking. Among the release’s new features is the ability to easily control the spectrum utilization of the RF links.
Please visit for more information.

Episode 176
High-Speed Wireless Networking in the UHF and Microwave Bands
by David Bern, W2LNX and Keith Elkin, KB3TCB
Abstract: This paper discusses building an amateur radio wireless network using commercial off the shelf wireless networking equipment that is currently available. As an example, four Ubiquiti NanoStation M3 3.4 GHz digital radios are used to assemble a demonstration network of two wireless network links that operate on two different frequencies. In conclusion, the paper invites the amateur radio community to build a nationwide highspeed amateur radio wireless backbone network to connect all local amateur radio area community wireless networks.
Proceedings Paper Youtube
Presentation Youtube

Mem HamWAN
The Mid-South's Amateur Radio Multi-Megabit IP Network
Mem HamWAN
What is it used for From experimentation to remote site access, HamWAN can be used as a high-speed data network to augment your existing amateur radio interests. Use it to bring internet access to a repeater, share surveys and other geodata, send email or even have a video conference!
Broadband-Hamnet Expands to Include Yet Another Ham Band
Broadband-Hamnet is proud to announce a new firmware release, the most recent in a series of advancements that build on the Ubiquiti firmware released for the 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz Ham bands earlier this year. With this BBHN 3.0.0 release, Broadband-Hamnet now includes the Ubiquiti M9-series airMAX devices, giving Hams use of the 900 MHz band for mesh networking. Among the release’s new features is the ability to easily control the spectrum utilization of the RF links.
Please visit for more information.
Ole Virginia Hams Q&A
Ole Virginia Hams Q&A
Ole Virginia Hams Monday, November 17, 2014 at 19:30 in the Manassas.
The meeting was great. I'd like to answer quwestions about cost of setting up a node.
Without going into Line of site or any of the other details let me give the price of what is the most often used equipment for an individual node.
(The prices below are from Amazon, Don't forget shipping when comparing prices).
Point-to-Point link to a local ham
This is for one end of a local ham, assuming the other end is the clubs sector antenna.
1 Ubiquiti NanoBeam NBE-M5-400 150 Mbps 15.5 Mile Maximum Outdoor Range costs $95.00
You will need Line-of-site, which will likely require some kind of mast.
Club installation
I'd also like to give a sample of costs for a club installation. In this case there are even more varables, but let me take a typical example.
Lets assume the units will be mounted on an existing tower and connect to two neighboring nodes as well as providing local access. As part of the back-bone the club will form part of a daisy chain and require two dishes, I'll chose the most widely used dish for longest distances.
Now what will the local connections look like. If you connect hams using a PtP link the NanoBeam NBE-M5-400 is the likely choice (above).
If you want to offer connextions to a wide group of hams, with in around 12 miles, a set of sector antennas could be used.
Lets install three 120 degree sector anrtennas to cover a 360 degree 12 mile circle around the tower, a-la-cellphone model.
This is where options may come in. I as of yet don't have experience and really know if shielding is necessary or if GPS sycrization is necessary, so this example does not ahve these options.
You can mount the three sector antennas on different legs of the tower or existing mounts, however there is a three unit sluster avalable.
You will need CAT cable and connectors
Basic backbone -daisy chain node
Quantity Description unit price Total price
2 Ubiquiti RocketDish 5G-30 5GHz PtP Dish $149.70 $299.40
2 Ubiquiti Rocket M5 5GHz BaseStation $85.90 $171.80
0 Optional RF Armor Shield kit $179.95 $0.00
CAT cables and connectors
1 TC-CARRIER TOUGHCable, Outdoor Shielded Cable, 1000-ft $219.99 $219.99
1 TOUGHCable RJ45 8P8C Male Connectors, 100 Piece $54.99 $54.99
1 Cable Ties, 14.5-Inch Heavy Duty UV Black, 500-Pack $62.65 $62.65
The following items are for the local 3 sector 360 degree units
0 Optional RF Armor-UCM3-T-3 Gang Cluster $149.99 $0.00
0 Optional Ubiquiti M5-GPS 5GHz BaseStation $149.50 $0.00
0 Optional RF Armor - USK12025-3P - 120 Sector Kit - 3 PACK $291.80 $0.00
3 Ubiquiti Airmax 5GHz 5GHz 19dBi 120 degree Sector Antenna $139.00 $417.00
3 Ubiquiti Rocket M5 5GHz BaseStation $85.90 $257.70
Total for un-shielded and non-synced version $1,483.53
Total for shielded and synced version $2,614.85

PIN cameras
PIN cameras
Username: cpin Password: cpin
Enter username and password
select/hit "Live View" menu
select/hit "Eight Cameras".

2015 Goals
2015 Goals
We are asking everyone to contribute to the Washington Area Network by helping us establish our goals for 2015. email
One goal that has been suggested is to have connections with every RACES room in the area.
We set up our first camera in 2014 and hope to set up cameras at important nodes in 2015.
We set up a trial VoIP and video Telephone server in 2014 and want to know if others are interested in joining the telephone network.
How many are interested in supporting an internet gateway?
What about fax?
We are testing our first OpenStreetMaps server, is there anyone interested in expanding this project?
D-rats has an enthusiastic following, we are looking for an Elmer to help our users.

The CPIN video server may be reached over the public network using the following: Username: cpin Password: cpin
The Lancaster County EOC has joined CPIN.
CPIN was extended to Reading at Mt Penn
Phil Thesis, K3TUF, is connecting to CPIN
Lam’s Gap has a two foot 5 GHz dish facing the Cumberland County EOC mounted on the west leg and a 90 degree sector 5 GHz antenna was mounted on the east leg..

John Sichert's KA3LAO Tower
John Sichert's KA3LAO Tower
John Sichert's KA3LAO Tower
KPPA-5GHZDP-120S-WC Sector antenna
It is a 16 dBi Sector Model KPPA-5GHZDP-120S-WC, See the equipment page

Dick Hayman KN3R Tower
Red Lion - Frederick
55 miles 25 Mbps!
Youtube Raising the first RD 5G30 dish
The first dish is installed on Dick's WN3R tower on Gambrill Mountain, Maryland. This is part of the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio computer compatible Network and links Red Lion Pennsylvania with Fredrick Maryland. The Red Lion Node is provided by Gary WA3CPO. This project is being promoted by Keith KB3TCB.
The crew included Lee Ciereszko N4TCW, Larry Goodwin KB3WRT, Phil Stalnaker W3ICF, John Cundiff KA3WSR, Al Taylor KN3U, Dave Hixon N3EJT, John Sichert KA3LAO, Gary Blacksmith WA3CPO, Phil Stalnaker W3ICF, Eva Jaatmaa, Keith Elkin KB3TCB, Mark Whitmore AB3KS ,Dave Hixon N3JIT and Ryan Goodwin KB3ZUY.

New Braddock Heights Nodes
Braddock Heights Nodes
Frederick Sector
The addition of a sector antenna on Braddock Heights provides coverage for Frederick city and beyond.
This includes the Red Cross and Hospital as well as several Radio Amateurs.
Building Generator
This is the building that hosts several webservers, OpenStreetMaps, VoIP, video phones and other services for all the network users.
It is planned for these services to be replicated to other network nodes, thus providing redundancy across the backbone.
This is the new mast for the Damascus Link. This mast allows the Rocket dish to be lowered rather than requiring one to climb.
Stay tuned, the Braddock Heights location is a jumping off point for new ideas , demonstrations and testing of equipment and services.
The idea is for all the software to be made available and replicated (if possible) to other Network nodes.
The hardware will illustrate best practices. There is a full pipeline of up and coming developments.

Boy Scouts of America - Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)
Boy Scouts of America - Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)
Fall Camporee - Emergency Preparedness
This year’s Theme is Search and Rescue based on the merit badge. We will be teaching search and rescue techniques, running actual SAR events in the surrounding Seneca Creek State Park, and have displays and presentations by SAR organizations as well as local police and fire departments. Come join us and get Lost in the excitement.
The mast was an excellent support for the 40 and 20 meter dipole and the van supplied power for the equipment. We demonstrated HF, VHF, and video phone over microwave as well as taking pictures of the whole area from the top of the mast.
This was the first Field Day like event using the van. It was also the first time with the HF Rig installed.
We had set two demo stations next to the van with the Video phones and small microwave dishes.
We showed camera, video phones server and other software on the screen. As is often the case the sun made this difficult to see.
This was the first time the van supplied power to another station and power cables running on the ground need to be out of the demo area.
Demonstrating and setting up the equipment were, Mark Poetker K3MMP , David Bern W2LNX , Victor Nardo WB2U , and Keith Elkin KB3TCB

Link from Ken KE2N to Manassas Water Tower
Link from Ken KE2N to Manassas Water Tower
Ken KE2N setting parameters and
reporting Signal Strength and
configuring the Network, 78 Mbps at -70 to -73 dBm (H+V).
Keith's KB3TCB Van pointing
towards Ken's tower in Haymarket 12.2 miles
Google Earth map, 12.2 miles

Gambrill Mountain to Red lion, 55 miles
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association
KPPA-5GHZDP-120S-WC sector antenna
Woodbridge Wireless Presentation
Can do this and much more
New Frederick Node
ARRL National Centennial Convention
The Pennsylvania node is up, we are half way
Experiment with a NanoBeam M5-400 for two weeks.
Broadband-Hamnet BBHN Elmers needed
Thank the many people
16.1 miles Haymarket to Reston
Haymarket to Reston 15 miles
BBHN Nova Mesh
DECT, Damascus Fire Department
Assembling the Dish, Red Lion to Gambrill Mountain
Microwave Bands
ARRL Centennial Convention
Planning a Communication Node
For the contruction interested
Ken KE3N / W4BRM fantastic Sector Antenna ciovers 1490 sq miles!
APRS Golden Packet
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