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MAIPN Backbone Progress 2015
This is a presentation includes example of how the backbone can be used to establish ad-hoc links on short notice.
This is a presentation is an excellent introduction to the tools Ken has been using to plan backbone node locations.
Service links
Webcam , Ken
Allstar Hub node (monitor), Ken – not for Internet Explorer
ownCloud, Ken (guest-guest)
easyRTC demo of Web RTC, Ken note: https (ignore warning message)
Radio links
Ken's sector M5 – node 147 - not part of the back bone … (guest and no PW)
airView Cameras     PW:guest
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VWS Workshop Mesh Elmers
Elmers: Jesse, Tom and Thor
Broad Band Field Day
Mike, K3MBB has been working hard developing a whole slew of MESH applications for the network, VoIP, audio streaming, video, cameras are the usual. Mike also setup Radio over IP (RoIP) to his IC-7100. The most intriguing was setting up a tunnel to MESH nodes in Texas. Mike connected three Frederick locations to the MESH nodes in Texas, bringing up a whole range of MESH services. It would be great to see how many of these MESH nodes will be set up at this year's Field Day events. Field Day could be a Broad Band Field Day for one and all.
The Prince William County Broadband-Hamnet Workshop was a great sucess!
Ole Virginia Hams
There were 8 people from the OVH Manassas club and 10 from the WWI Woodbridge club
The two clubs are planning another workshop soon over in the Manassas City area.
The interest in BBHN is growing and more clubs are working together.
The DECT Field Day IP Network!
Preparations for the DECT field day included a link between the Damascus firehouse and the Field Day location.
The group set up two NanoBeam nodes with respective laptops both linked to the firehouse.
The Van provided internet connectivity via the Braddock Heights node.
KB3TCB is looking forward to linking the DECT field Day with three other field day locations in the Area
New Mesh group, AREDN.
KM3SH: Kansas City Mesh Amateur Radio Club.
Friday, February 20, 2015 Emergency Wireless Network by Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson
WiFi Emergency Wireless Network by Craig Anderson presented at SVECS

Craig Anderson presented a Terrestrial Microwave Data Network in the context of RACES to the Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System quarterly breakfast meeting on October 25, 2014. SVECS website This countywide broadband mesh network uses low cost wireless links of WISP and WIFI equipment (2.4 and 5.8 GHz Part 15 802.11 radios) between emergency operations centers throughout Santa Clara County. These wireless datalinks enable applications as diverse as the internet itself including web services, forms, instant messaging, file transfer, VOIP phone service, digital video, or social media, but without reliance on public internet infrastructure. This system began as the Santa Clara Emergency Wireless Network,, a standalone system independent of the internet and commercial networks. Most currently deployed radios are products by Ubiquiti Networks, such as BulletM, NanoBridge, and NanoStation. These radios were favored because they are the most affordable devices we could find that were tailored to long range communication.

Thursday, February 05, 2015 Local Mesh project
Active Mesh project pages
Anne Arundel Amateur Radio Club (AARC)
Anne Arundel Amateur Radio Club (AARC)
Ole Virginia Hams (OVH)
HSMM-MESH N4TS Powerpoint slides 2013.02.18
Calvert Amateur Radio Association (CARA)
Calvert Amateur Radio Association
Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society (BRATS)
5 GHz and Directional Antennas
HacDC Joins the Mt Pleasant Mesh Network
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (K4LRG,LARG)
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
Vienna Wireless Society (VWS)
Vienna Wireless Society
Ole Virginia Hams (OVH)
Ole Virginia Hams
Central Pa Repeater Assoc. (CPRA), Central Pa IP Network (CPIN)
Central Pa Repeater Assoc., Central Pa IP Network
Cambria Radio Club (WA3WGN,CRC)
Cambria Radio Club

Wednesday, October 01, 2014 License-Exempt Wireless Applications for Public Safety
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